A place for the making of art

The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm is a leading artistic higher education institution with a long tradition dating back to the beginning of the 18th century. The institute offers a combination of artistic breadth and excellence within both undergraduate and Master programmes in Fine Art, as well as post-postgraduate education in architecture. The Vice-Chancellor is Sara Arrhenius.

More than anything the Royal Institute is a place for the making of art. The students’ artistic work lies at the heart of all knowledge-sharing. Professional artists cover a wide range of disciplines here, ranging from graphics, painting and sculpture, to video, audio, photography, interactive techniques and performance.

An extensive field of artistic expressions

Amongst the Royal Institute’s approximately 230 students unfolds an extensive field of artistic expressions, attitudes and temperaments. Key concepts are independent artistic development, experimentation and critical discussion.

The Royal Institute of Art is located in the centre of Stockholm, at the heart of Northern Europe’s most active art scene. The institute collaborates with its surrounding museums and galleries as well as institutions nationally and internationally. Students at the Royal Institute have extensive opportunities to take part in international exchange programmes with some of the foremost arts organisations around the world. Field trips, projecs and exhibitions abroad are complemented by annual international visiting lecturers and teachers.

The Royal Institute of Art is an international place by its very nature. Many of its teachers, professors and students hail from outside of Sweden and participate actively in the international art scene. Recently the Royal Institute of Art has participated and exhibited at prestigious events, including Venice Biennale, Manifesta, Performa NYC and the Oslo Biennale.